Submit your job

Submit your job

Companies that do drilling and sawing jobs can participate with any kind of drilling and sawing jobs made all around the globe, that put value to specialized companies. Each company can only submit one job that had been made from February 2016 until January 30, 2019.


About the job

Title of the jobsite:

Description of the jobsite/case story:
Include here an abstract and description of the whole construction project, description of the concrete drilling and sawing project, dimensions, number of employees working on the job,...

When did the job start (aaaa/mm/dd)?:

When did the job finish (aaaa/mm/dd)?:

Where was the jobsite (City or Region and Country)?:

What equipment did you use on this jobsite?:

Complexity of planning and execution:
Description of special problems that had to be solved in the planning and execution phases

Innovative elements:
Why does the project deserve an award? Which new approaches helped to solve the challenge the best possible way?

Quality specifications:
What sort of special constraints or requirements had to be solved? How were they approached? How were they solved?

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