In addition to specialized training for workers of the industry, IACDS believes in the importance of training all the professionals related to the concrete sawing and drilling industry.

For this reason, IACDS is developing activities aimed at spreading knowledge about concrete sawing and drilling techniques among related professionals through different initiatives.

What kind of educational contents are available?

At the moment, all the educational contents generated by IACDS are made in the form of webinars.

Webinars are on-line video sessions that are broadcasted live and edited and published later, together with their corresponding conference book.

These sessions are free for all attendees and open to everyone interested in the matter. However, the edited recording of the session is only available for members and subscribers with valid access to these materials (click here to see IACDS subscription models)

You can see the previous webinars held by IACDS and register to the next ones in this page.


In this short video, you can see some of the webinars that have been held by IACDS.

Request access to the webinar sessions

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I am interested but I can’t find what I need…

If you are interested in learning about something in particular about concrete drilling and sawing but we have not made a webinar about that yet, you can send us your suggestion completing the form available in this page.

In the case your petition is related to the activities carried out by IACDS, we will try to make it happen!

If you have any doubts or concerns, contact IACDS.