The International Association of Concrete Drillers & Sawers, IACDS, is the organization representing the associations, companies and professionals of the concrete drilling and sawing industry around the globe.

The IACDS has a strong focus on providing an international union with the cooperation of trade Associations.


Information about COVID-19

Practical information, references and public statement from IACDS

The Jacques Delors Institute propose a large scale building renovation wave in Europe

In the framework of COVID-19 pandemic, the Jacques Delors Institute highlight that a European building stock renovation can trigger industrial production and employment.

Accelerating the transition towards circularity to stimulate the European economy

According to the report “A Green Recovery Stimulus for a Post-COVID-19 Europe” published by the Jacques Delors Institute, avoiding waste through reuse, repair and remanufacturing offers significant economic stimulus and job creation potential with major environmental benefits.

Updated resources for specifiers thanks to CSDA

These documents, among other other Standards, Specifications, Best Practices, Tolerances and White Papers, are available through IACDS Library.

IACDS Yearbook 2020: a special publication for our 25th anniversary

The aim of this special publication is to promote best practices, new methods and challenges for this trade, as well as to highlight the different applications of drills and saws in multiple sectors.


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BFB Autumn Meeting

Stockholm (SWEDEN)


IACDS Annual Convention 2020

Stockholm (SWEDEN)


Trade fair DEMCON 2020

Stockholm (SWEDEN)


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IACDS yearbook 2019

The publication gathers interesting contents about the industry, the companies that are involved in it, the activities and goals of the IACDS members and the news of the National Associations involved in IACDS.

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CSDA-BP-022 Dust control best practice

The purpose of this document is to identify practical strategies for handling large volumes of fine concrete dust and understand the available tools for concrete dust control, collection and handling, while maximizing the effectiveness of the tools.

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CSDA-BP-024 Cold weather concrete best practice

The purpose of this document is to identify practical strategies for cutting and coring concrete in cold weather (below freezing) temperatures.

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CSDA-BP-023 Noise Control Best Practice

The purpose of this document is to share methodologies and concepts in controlling and/or reducing noise emissions on a jobsite.


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25th Anniversary of IACDS

For 25 years, IACDS has been conecting the industry of concrete drilling and sawing.  Access this video to learn about the initiatives it has carried out over the years to promote and professionalize this industry. Video 

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Presentation Diamond Award 2019

The Diamond Award ceremony will be held on Thursday 11th of April, 2019, in the frame of the trade fair BAUMA 2019, to be held in April, 8-14, in Munich (Germany).

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Interview to Ms. Julie White, IACDS president

Brief video-interview realized in the frame of the IACDS Annual Convention 2018, held in Tokyo, Japan.

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Best moments of the IACDS Annual Convention 2018

Best moments of the IACDS Annual Convention 2018, held in Tokyo (Japan) in May 21-23.