The working groups are designed as a meeting point for sharing knowledge, experiences, doubts and problems.

For this reason, the participation of professionals with different profiles is essential for the development of the working groups.

IACDS Members

For any member or delegate of a partner organization interested in the topics to be covered by the working groups, the best way to be updated on them is to take part actively.

To do so, IACDS proposes a very simple methodology. The association will send the information about the meetings to all its members, related stakeholders and partner organizations, asking for participants and support.

Any direct member of IACDS or delegate of the National Associations member, may sign up directly to be part of the working group/subgroup using the form available on this page.

Other professionals

In the case of groups open to the participation of representatives from outside IACDS, representatives of other business associations, professional associations, public administrations or entities of general interest will generally be invited to collaborate, always processing the invitation through the corresponding organisation.

It is also possible for professionals from these entities to apply for membership, using the form available on this page.


Specific rules apply to each IACDS working group/subgroup, depending on the phase of each project or its annual work plan.

You can apply to join any IACDS working group using the form below and the IACDS Secretariat will inform you of the different possibilities.

For reasons of regulatory compliance and transparency, any professional wishing to join an IACDS working group, whether or not a member of the association, must use the form below to apply to join, change their representative or leave the group.


To manage your participation in any of IACDS´working groups, please fill in and send the following form:

Please explain the reasons for your request. Please note that your request will be reviewed at least by the working group coordinator, and in some cases may need to be authorised by all members of the group/subgroup.

By submitting the form, you will automatically receive an e-mail with the online consultation link and a copy of your request