International Drilling and Sawing Industry Report 2020



The International Drilling and Sawing Industry Report 2020 is an effective tool to analyze the evolution of the drilling and sawing industry in the world. In addition, it shows trends that help future decision making with more information.

The report includes information about the evolution of the companies in 2019 and the forecast for 2020, collected through an online survey that was translated into 10 languages to collect information from 8 countries about the evolution of this industry.


  • Presentation
  • Background and additional resources
  • Contents
  • General situation
  • Quantitative analysis: Survey to Contractors
  • Qualitative Analysis: Survey to National Associations and manufacturers
  • About IACDS


  • Format: digital
  • Number of pages: 74 pages
  • Publication date: November 2020
  • ISBN: 978-84-09-25803-1

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