GPR applied in concrete sawing and drilling: why is it important?


  • The webinar ‘What GPR can do for concrete sawing and drilling?’ is going to take place on October 21.

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is a useful tool used for investigating the surface. However, what applications has in concrete sawing and drilling? To discover the answer to this question, you can join our upcoming webinar: ‘What GPR can do for concrete sawing and drilling?’.

This IACDS educational session takes place on Thursday, 21st of October, between 3pm and 4pm (Brussels time – Central European). Mr. David Cist, from GSSI, will led the webinar and explain the keys of GPS in sawing and drilling as an expert in the field. You can still join the webinar on our form.

What techniques are available to carry out an inspection of the condition of the concrete before cutting or coring concrete structures? What is indeed GPR? To understand its uses and benefits to eficiency and workers’ health, followed by case studies and examples, IACDS brings you the opportunity to join this online session.

Participation in this webinar is completely free for all attendees, they just need to register in advance. For logistical reasons, the number of participants is limited by the platform itself. So, registrations will be accepted in strict order of entry until the technical capacity available is reached for each session.