Remember the webinar on Slurry management


  • The free Slurry Management webinar was held on May 20 and was attended by numerous industry professionals.

IACDS continues to develop different educational activities, including free webinars. Among the most recent ones is one dedicated to slurry management.

This educational session took place on May 20 and was attended by numerous industry professionals, who learned with Mr. Mark Critchfield, from SLURRY SOLUTIONS, and Ms. Erin O’Brien, from CSDA.

In this webinar, the speakers provided answers to important questions, such as how slurry should be contained at the workplace? or who is responsible for the collection, handling and disposal or slurry?

If you would like to learn more about this webinar, click here.

The extension of this webinar has been the launch of the working group of the same name, which has started to prepare a technical guide on slurry management. For more information on the group and how to participate, click here.