NADECO: A collective experience for demolition


  • This article was originally written by Mr. Franco Morari, from NADECO, for the IACDS Yearbook 2020.

The world witnessed an example of the state-of-the-art of demolition in Italy (whether volumetric or controlled) during the operations for reconstruction of Genova’s bridge, tragically collapsed two years ago. Planning and management of the project were impeccable, both from the point of view of the actual working operation and of the safety of the operators. Impeccable also considering the safeguard of the city and the environment – the operations have passed all the checks from the authorities.

It was an operation that involved many professionals, a sort of “chain” represented by specialized companies working in the sectors of demolition and deconstruction, but also of engineering design and inert waste and scrap materials treatment.  The goal, of course, was to fully respect all the environmental policies.

The modern market need rules, needs an organization to be sure that these rules are observed, needs a solid reference point especially during work assignments, when expertise, professionalism, regularity of the administrative and labor management are indispensable and decisive details when choosing a contractor.

The birth of NADECO – National Association for Demolition and Circular Economy in Construction Industry, a name that resembles the “old” NAD and AIDECO associations – is the fundamental step done by associations and professionals in the construction industry to answer concretely to these needs. The Board of Directors is representative not only of volumetric and controlled demolition, but also of engineering, scrap iron and inert waste treatment and decontamination, activities and sectors that are very near to demolition.

So, an inclusive Association, that enhances the various professionalisms that will work in the Technical Commission to be represented by NADECO in a dialogue with authorities and institutions.

The goal of NADECO is to make operators and authorities, such as the Ministry of Public Works and the Ministry of Economic Development, recognize the value and the professionalism of demolition companies and of all the companies that contribute to the operations in accordance with the regulations and the ethics. NADECO is perfecting its system of contacts in the construction industry in order to contribute to the common goals with its wealth of experience and knowledge.