Get to know the Swiss association: SVBS


  • This article was originally written by Mr. Philippe Wingeier, SVBS Delegate, for the IACDS Yearbook 2020.

The Swiss Association has existed for 34 years and operates its own course and training centre in Bellach. Since this year Robert Brändli is the new president. Former president has been Philippe Wingeier for seven years. Now Philippe is the successor of Donat Fritsch as delegated of Switzerland in the International Association IACDS. The other members in the board are Vincent Propst, Marcel Dätwyler, Giorgio Macsenti and Gregor Kanne. All members of the board work unpaid an honorary. Each of them is responsible for his own department and the whole board meets about five times a year

The office consists of managing director Remy Baumann and the secretary Tamara Radoikovic, who are employed by the association. The board consists of contractors and suppliers. For the training, the members provide experienced specialists as instructors. In addition to his work as managing director, Remy Baumann teaches theoretical instruction at the school. This avoids duplication and always ensures the transfer of knowledge between the association and the school in the training of our young peoples.

The association has an annual budget of about 600,000 Swiss francs. The aim is always to achieve a balanced account. This has been very successful in recent years.

In addition to representing the employers of our 100 member companies vis-à-vis the authorities and social partners, the association’s core task is training and further education. This area is divided into three sections: apprentices, courses and supervisor-school.

In Switzerland, the association is strongly committed to promoting our profession. The office participates in the important trade fairs and supports the member companies with advertising material to attract young professionals.

The Swiss Association is proud of its own training centre in Bellach. In addition to the office, there are classrooms, meeting rooms, training places and a large museum. The centre is also rented by member companies for their own events. Over the past years, the Management Board has maintained the infrastructure well and continued to reduce debt. Today, the association has a modern infrastructure, which has paid for itself very well

The members of the Swiss Association look back on a successful year 2019. There is still a lot of construction going on in Switzerland. In addition to building construction, major investments have also been made to renew and expand the infrastructure. The year 2020 started very well. Then the covid-crisis arrived also in Switzerland. Especially the French and Italian speaking parts of Switzerland were hiten hard. A lot of constructions sites were closed for six to eight weeks. Since end of may, slowly a kind of normal business activities has returned. We think positive, that in 2020 the construction industry in Switzerland will get off with a blue eye, but we are not sure what will happen in following years.