Get to know the quality certification of the German Association


  • We review the main aspects of FBS quality certification.

The Association of Concrete Drilling and Sawing Germany e.V. has its own quality certification the “Q-mark”. This is intended to recognize the consistent striving of qualified specialist companies for training in the technical, organizational and commercial areas and to make them visible and recognizable to the outside world.

The companies certified with the Q-mark are explicitly identified on the homepage of the professional association when searching for members. The quality mark of the professional association was also anchored in VDI guideline 6210 sheet 1: “Demolition of structural and technical systems”.

Transparent criteria:

The Q-mark checks and evaluates three areas.

In area A, all legal and social obligations are queried. These include, for example, clearance and exemption certificates from the tax office and the employers’ liability insurance association, as well as proof of sufficient cover for business liability insurance.

Area B is dedicated to the qualification of the management. The prerequisite for the Q mark is a technical or business training with a degree as an engineer, master craftsman or business economist. Alternatively, corresponding further training courses are also recognized.

In area C, the focus is on the qualifications of the employees. There is a fixed point key that regulates the number of trained specialists as well as further training (e.g. participation in the German drilling and sawing seminars) depending on the size of the company. Ideally, the employees have an education in concrete cutting technology or completed adequate training or further education. The-Q mark is only awarded when all the criteria are met to the required extent.

“When placing the order, the client can assume that he will not experience any nasty surprises with qualified companies,” emphasizes Manfred Rütters, chairman of the association’s quality mark committee.

To ensure that it stays that way, the Q-mark companies are checked again every three years.

Currently (Q1/2021), the Concrete Drilling and Sawing Association (FBS) has awarded the quality mark to 54 drilling and sawing companies after careful inspection.

Interested companies are welcome to contact Manfred Rütters or the office of the professional association in Darmstadt.