• ADAMAS joins the International Association of Concrete Drillers & Sawers, IACDS, as a new member.
  • The word Adamas originates from Greece and means “diamond”.

The company Adamas was established in 1978 and currently employs 70 dedicated specialists over 2 production facilities in Netherlands & Belgium.

Adamas holds a track record of almost 50 years in dealing direct with the daily needs of professional concrete cutters in Europe.

The company has a strong focus on the in-house development and production of machines, consumables and accessories related to core drilling in concrete, asphalt and brick & block.

As skilled labor is scarce in all developed construction industries Adamas offers combinations of equipment and consumables which are customized to optimize the drilling & cutting production per operator.

For larger and complex jobs they can also develop tailormade solutions for equipment fixing, block removal, jobsite logistics, etc.

Apart from a complete core drilling range they also offer a complete portfolio of (customized) equipment & consumables for floor sawing, wall sawing & concrete grinding to professional drilling & sawing companies in our domestic markets.

In its own words: “we export our core drilling equipment & consumables under the Adamas brand name as well as under private label to various countries in Europe”.

Diamond drill segments are developed, produced and laser welded in its production unit in Herentals – Belgium.

Drill rigs and handheld electric drill motors are produced at the Adamas facility in Maasdijk-Netherlands.

An extensive 5-year investment program is in place to strengthen the position of Adamas in the coming years as a European production partner for top quality customized and / or private labeled core drilling equipment & consumables.

“We are honored to become part of the IACDS and are looking forward to learn from our fellow members and share our expertise in order to push the worldwide concrete cutting industry to the next level”.