Diamond Award

The yearbook will include news and articles about the industry, the companies that are involved in it, the activities and goals of the IACDS members, the news of the associations and other interesting contents related to the concrete drilling and sawing activities.

The associations and companies may participate sending informative and instructive texts about their activities, projects, products, experiences, … which show the experience and the knowledge in this area.


  • Submissions of the Diamond Award
  • About IACDS
    • News
    • Annual convention
    • Other meetings and activities
  • News and editorial of the national associations that are involved in IACDS
  • Other national associations
  • Articles of the suppliers of the industry
  • Advertisements related to the industry

If you are a supplier and want to get visibility with an advertisement in the yearbook, see the Marketing opportunities of the publication.


The yearbook is aimed at contractors and national associations at the international level to show the knowledge in the industry and the experience in the concrete drilling and sawing activities.