International Drilling and Sawing Industry Report 2022



The most awaited international industry report of IACDS is now available. This publication, essential for IACDS, aims to provide the most relevant data for industry professionals.

Through the collection of benchmark data, we can draw major conclusions and measure the temperature of the industry. This third edition also includes an overview of the situation of the drilling and sawing industry on the international scene.

The report is composed thanks to two different questionnaires. One is for contractors and the other for suppliers. Thanks to this diversification, we can have a broader and more general view of current and upcoming trends. The surveys contained 15 questions for contractors and 8 for manufacturers and dealers which contributed to the great value of this report.  We have also been very fortunate to have data from the World Economic Outlook (April 2022), produced by the International Monetary Fund.

If you want to keep up to date with all these developments, discover all that this publication can offer you.


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The Concrete Drilling and Sewing Industry Report 2022 includes a visual overview of the international concrete drilling and sewing industry, forecasts and specific information about these activities given by the contractors themselves.

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ISBN 978-84-18761-42-3
Date May 2022
Pages 56 (A4)
Type Industry report
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