SVBS Museum


SCHWEIZERISCHER VERBAND DER BETONBOHR UND BETONSCHNEIDUNTERNEHMUNGEN, the Swiss concrete drilling and sawing association, member of IACDS, has a Museum in the city of Bellach.

The museum is part of the Training Center of SVBS, in a space of 18x18m, where also conferences, training practices, etc… take place.

The museum was inaugurated on April 29, 2015, and contains around 200 pieces of different machinery and tools received through sponsors or simply gifts from the SVBS members. It costs 250’000 Swiss francs.

All the machines of the museum allow the visitants to understand the history of this industry and how the machinery and tool have passed for the different ages: the pneumatic, the electrohydraulic and the electrical or electronic.

Every machine has its own history and the museum does not claim to be complete, but impressively demonstrates the innovative power this industry has experienced.

A brief history of the industry

Before the 70s, the concrete breakthroughs were still made with a penknife and air compressors. Alternatively, the concrete burning with oxygen lances came to it. Despite resistance, all of these crude methods have been replaced by environmentally friendly diamond technology.

Core drilling with diamond tools conquered the construction industry. That was a real revolution in the construction industry.

Core holes were used to create openings in reinforced concrete.

The drills were driven in 2 ways:

  • Electrically
  • Pneumatically with air pressure.

The pneumatic drive was popular because the builders were happy to direct their now-supple air compressors. The first handsaws were also powered by air motors.

Then came the electrohydraulic time. Rail-guided wall saws have been developed.
At the beginning with only one oil hydraulic circuit. Drill bits and saw blades were hydraulically driven, and the feed and cutting depth were manually operated. Later you could control all movements hydraulically.

Today, electrical engineering, the high frequency, dominates the market. The machines became even more compact and are electronically controlled.


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Bahnhofstrasse 7D
4512 Bellach

Tel.: (+41) 326 181 050