Enviroment – G3

The working group environment contains other subgroups specialized in other themes.

G3S1 – Slurry subgroup

The working group ‘Slurry Management’ aims to collect existing information from different countries and manufacturers about solutions and best practices for slurry management in sawing and drilling activities.

The scope of this group is to foster debate and sharing of working guidelines, health & safety recommendations, specific regulations and restrictions to be taken into account for waste management.

It started in 2021 and was coordinated by:

Ms Erin O’Brien

This working group has coordinated and participated in the following activities:

How to participate?

If you are interested in participating in this working group or any other follow this link.

Please note that specific rules apply to each working group/subgroup, depending on the phase of each project or the annual work plan.

The dates for the meetings of this working group and the documents are published in the IACDS meeting section.