CONCRETE CORING COMPANY and BRAUN, winners of the Diamond Award 2019


The companies CONCRETE CORING COMPANY and BRAUN were the winners of the Diamond Award 2019, in the job and product categories, respectively.

The ceremony was held on 11th of April, in the frame of the trade fair BAUMA, where the winners were formally announced and were given a recognition plate, not only to winners but also to all shortlisted companies in each of the categories of this edition: job and product.

Before the ceremony, the International Association of Concrete Drillers & Sawers celebrated a networking event in the same room, to promote business relations between suppliers, contractors, national associations and other professionals in the sector.

The Japanese company CONCRETE CORING COMPANY won the job award thanks to its job “Removal of the existing sidewall of narrow part”, that was carried out in Osaka and in which a cutting removal method using a wire saw or the like, which is a static dismantling method that has often been used in subway remodeling works, was employed.

BRAUN won the product award (a new category that has been launched in this year’s edition) for its product BRAUN Bridge Wire Saw, used to dismantle 6 radioactively contaminated steam generators / heat exchangers in the Russian nuclear power plant Nowoworonesch.

Networking event

IACDS organized a networking event, to build and strengthen professional ties with all BAUMA attendees, because this activity was free of charge and open for everyone in the trade fair.

It was a great moment to get in touch with stakeholders in an enabling environment to establish professional ties.

The networking was a success: the room was full of people from all over the world (not only from Europe) and the attendees were able to make the most of the event.

Several leading companies gave their support to the event as sponsors (PENTRUDER, TYROLIT, HILTI, HUSQVARNA, LISSMAC, BRAUN, and BROKK), achieving high visibility for their brand.

Jobs submitted

The Diamond Award 2019 received 22 different submissions from several countries from all over the world, among products and services.

The jobs submitted were:

  • Demolition of The Former Tappan Zee Bridge by Atlantic Concrete Cutting.
  • London City Airport by A Drillers Limited.
  • Removal of the existing sidewall of narrow part by Concrete Coring Company (WINNER).
  • Paving the way for an “Uncrackable Concrete” Phase 1 and 2, by Cuts Inc.
  • Red Rock Hydro Project by Cutting Edge Services.
  • Renovation project for the Ikari Dam by means of lengthy stitch drilling by Daiichi Cutter Kogyo K.K.
  • Art at it’s best – Dreamer 2018 (Wire saw work for artist Katja Schenker) by Diamantbohr AG Switzerland.
  • Petrobrazi refinery Romania by Diamond Drilling SRL.
  • From concrete to the next stage! by Nippon Concrete Cutting Co., Ltd.
  • Deconstruction of the former headquarters and realization of an open sky parking at the Societe Generale Social Headquarters Casablanca, Morocco by Perfocort.
  • Cutting a shipwreck with Diamond Wire Saw by Re-Corta, Demolición Técnica, S.L.
  • Dover Docks – Dunkirk Jetty by Robore Cuts Ltd.
  • Wire cutting GFRP pipes for the renovation of main sewer in Munich Oberwiesenfeld by Seliger GmbH.
  • Ruskin Dam & Powerhouse Upgrade Project by West Coast Cutting & Coring Group LTD.

The products submitted were:

  • BRAUN Bridge Wire Saw by BRAUN Maschinenfabrik GmbH (WINNER).
  • SS3600HF Skid Steer Sawing Attachment by Cuts Inc.
  • PQ6 by Fachverband Betonbohren und Sägen and VDMA (Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbaue).
  • HILTI DST 20-CA by HILTI Corporation.
  • C100WOLXD Silica Dust-X Sprayer by SMK Sprayers.
  • BRETT H50BTM by THAYR Demolición Técnica, SL.
  • Wall Saw WSE1621 by TYROLIT Construction Products GmbH.
  • Vacuworx SL 2 Subcompact Vacuum Lifting System by VACUWORX (VACUWORX GLOBAL, LLC).

About Diamond Award

Created by the International Association of Concrete Drillers and Sawers, IACDS, the Diamond Award is an internationally recognized competition that helps to improve the visibility of the companies through their jobs and products as well as to demonstrate their professionalism.

The next edition of the Diamond Award will take place in the framework of BAUMA 2022 (April 4-10).

In the following link, there is all the information about the Diamond Award 2019 and previous editions: