Why are the guards of equipment important when diamond tools are involved?


The guards of the equipment are an essential element in carrying out the operation safely.

Their design is to protect the operator, reduce flying particles and contain debris. Moreover, the coolant/water is recycled within the containment allowing for reduced water usage.

For a safe sawing and drilling operation, it is always important to select the diamond tools best suited for the task and recommended by the manufacturer.

Moreover, before ordering always check the supplier has quality products that are made to manufacturer guidelines with ISO standards, or equivalent regional or national standards. For example, in Europe, diamond tools must be in accordance with the standard EN 13236:2019 Safety requirements for superabrasive products.

When working with diamond tools additional equipment – depending on the particular characteristics of the site and the job to carry out – may be needed.

Those contents, as well as more information about the safe use of diamond-segmented tools, can be found in the IACDS technical guide.