VBS, the Austrian National Association, joins IACDS


Verband österreichischer Betonbohr- und Schneideunternehmen, VBS, is the association of Austrian concrete sawing and drilling companies.

VBS was founded in 1994 by the majority of specialized companies in Austria, such as machine manufacturers,contractors and diamond tool suppliers.

The training and the exchange of experiences are essential in our company, the qualities that our association satisfies and whereof our members and their customers benefit from. Promoting professionalism, setting standards and promoting new technologies are some of our main objectives.

The highlight of its work is the development of the world’s first state standard, since 2000, for concrete-drilling and cutting work: “ÖNorm 2253”.

Being part of VBS is therefore a reliable seal of quality for concrete, drilling and cutting companies. VBS members are learning continuously and have an advanced knowledge over non-members.