These are the contents you will find in the IACDS Yearbook 2021


  • The IACDS Yearbook 2021 will be published this September.

The IACDS Yearbook 2021 has now entered the last phase of its preparation. At this moment, the final details of its layout are being finalized and in the next few days it will be sent to the printer. This means that it will be available in September, both for online consultation and for the purchase of printed copies.

As previously announced, this year’s yearbook will focus on an important theme: innovation. But would you like to know exactly what content you will find in it?

On the one hand, and as is always the case with this publication, the national associations that are members of IACDS will tell, in a couple of pages, what steps they have taken during this year, focusing on innovation. In addition, space has also been reserved for a guest national association… Surprise!

Among the pages of the Yearbook you will also find articles from specialized media and industry organizations such as FEPA. Alongside them, three specialized articles written by concrete drilling and sawing professionals on GPR, anchoring and training for operators.

Last but not least, our initiatives (webinars, publications…) also have some pages in the yearbook, as well as specialized companies of the sector, which have wanted to participate in this new edition of the yearbook.