The product award in Diamond Award 2019 went for BRAUN MASCHINENFABRIK GmbH


During the ceremony held on 11th of April, in the frame of the trade fair BAUMA, IACDS announced that the company BRAUN MASCHINENFABRIK GmbH was the winner of the Diamond Award 2019 in the product category.

The BRAUN Bridge Wire Saw is a worldwide unique, mobile, movable bridge wire saw that, with a height of 10.5 m and a width of 6.5 m, can dismantle large objects.

The combination of cold cutting (with carbide or diamond saw blades) and wire sawing makes it possible to dismantle any materials very effectively and efficiently so that everything that comes under the “bridge” can be sawed and dismantled.

In general, the BRAUN bridge wire saw is universally applicable and could, for example, also be used in the construction industry.

Due to the modular construction method, it is possible to adjust the bridge wire saw to objects of different sizes. The system had to be largely automated and remotely controlled via cameras.

The BRAUN Bridge Wire Saw is worldwide unique due to two reasons. Firstly, it is a bridge wire saw with a modular construction. The whole system can be disassembled into small parts (not heavier than 40 kg and no longer than 2.5 m).

Secondly, it can be combined with the patented BRAUN Cold Cutting Saw, which is 10 times more efficient when cutting steel than a diamond wire saw. Therefore, when dismantling the heat exchangers, primarily the cold cutting saw is used. Only in the case that the diameter of the saw blade is too small to cut through certain components, wire sawing will be necessary.