TECHNIKA DIAMENTOWA becomes a new member of IACDS


TECHNIKA DIAMENTOWA is a company focused on concrete cutting and drilling.

The company was founded in 2014 with just one man and one drill. Since then, they have become a team of 25 men and over 150 tools, such as drills, wall saws and wire saws. They are currently one of the biggest concrete cutting and drilling companies in Poland.

They drill in reinforced concrete, stone, brick, granite, and other building materials used in the construction of buildings, viaducts, bridges, ventilation, water, sewage, heating, gas and electric installations.

They cut concrete with the help of large diameter diamond blades which are used to create precise wall openings, conduct demolition works, remove stairs, ceilings, and enlarge ventilation openings.

They are precursors in the field of testing anchors glued with injection resins and mechanical anchors.

TECHNIKA DIAMENTOWA is located and works in Poland, but also undertakes larger projects in other parts of Europe.