Recruiting in times of labour shortage


Finding and recruiting qualified employees is by far the biggest challenge to the Diamond Cutting and Coring industry today.

The overall shortage of qualified labour, demographic change, and changing values of the upcoming generation require significant efforts from employers.

Traditional methods for finding qualified employees are not reaching out to the people of interest to the industry. Furthermore, the coming generation is not always willing to work in the industry for a lifetime. Cutting and coring is seen t as an occupation for a certain period, thus the aspect of a fast ramp-up in competence and the aspects of training play a significant role.

So, to tackle this question,  Mr. Martin Goedickemeier, from HILTI, conducted a presentation during the IACDS Annual Convention 2023. 

Throughout the conference, Mr. Martin Goedickemeier talked about the profile of the potential employees, the differences between the generations and what to bear in mind when recruiting them.

The full presentation, as well as other conferences, is available in the IACDS Annual Meeting 2023 Conference book on our website.

Learn more about recruitment of new talent!

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