Peter White, new honorary member of IACDS


Mr. Peter White was announced as honorary member of the International Association of Concrete Drillers & Sawers by his life time achievement.

Ms. Julie White and Mr. Michael Findeis, members of IACDS Board, gave him a recognition plate and delivered a few words of thanks as ambassador of our industry and IACDS.

Peter White started his working life as an electrical apprentice and started Diamond Drilling in his early twenties when the technology was very new in the whole of the world let alone Europe, he then started his own company in the 60’s which he grew to have numerous offices with a large national coverage and is still in business after 53 years.

He then visited and was involved with the CSDA in America where he obtained the knowledge and idea to start an association in United Kingdom, which he then started over 30 years ago, the current DSA (Drilling and Sawing Association).

Peter White has sat on the board of the American association CSDA, been Chairman of the DSA in the UK and is now life time president and has been President of our association the IACDS.