PENTRUDER, sponsor of the networking event in BAUMA 2019


PENTRUDER will be present at the Hall A1 Booth number 403 and it is Platinum sponsor of IACDS networking event and Diamond Award ceremony in BAUMA 2019.

TRACTIVE AB is a Swedish family-owned company specializing in the design and manufacturing of two different product lines, PENTRUDER concrete cutting machines, and TRACTIVE motorsport transmissions.

TRACTIVE has over 40 years’ experience in design, development, and manufacture of high quality and highly stressed gears and transmissions built for high power and durability.

By manufacturing the components of our PENTRUDER concrete cutting equipment themselves in-house, they have full control of quality throughout the entire production process.

A set of very tough targets were defined for the PENTRUDER HFi-system, the third generation concrete cutting machines, as a lower weight machine, without compromising performance, productivity, and ease of use. One example is the new PENTRUDER RS2 wall saw, which to meet legislative requirements just not would be allowed to weigh more than 25 kg, which in many places is the limit for one-man operation.

Specially designed motors and drives give the new generation PENTRUDER machines best productivity, reliability and ease of use.

In the new HFi-system, Tractive offers a true modular future-oriented platform, where a small and lightweight powerpack drives a wide range of products.

PENTRUDER concrete cutting machines are known for their durable performance. A PENTRUDER machine is an investment in long-term productivity.