Obituary for Mr Horst Wapler


Mr Horst Wapler, a beloved industry professional, passed away after a long illness in July of this year. Mr. Wapler was the Managing Director of the Fachverband Betonbohren und -Sägen Deutschland e.V. from 1997 to 2001. Later, he also became a member of the board, and, after his retirement, an honorary member of the association.

In his functions, he strongly engaged in international cooperation and maintained a connection to the IACDS as a delegate. He organized and successfully managed numerous IACDS meetings in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Horst Wapler’s passion project was the development and establishment of the industry competition “Diamond Award”. Initially, it was organized at the national level among members of the Fachverband. Later, it became a worldwide competition. With this award, the IACDS still honours complex and innovative projects of controlled dismantling from all over the world.

The IACDS honours his contributions to our community and mourns this loss deeply. Our special sympathy goes to his family. Horst Wapler will always be remembered as a passionate and devoted professional, as well as an excellent person.