National Associations contribute to the IACDS yearbook by sharing their views on the industry


The nine National Associations that are members of IACDS are once again participating in the yearbook, providing information about their association and activities, as well as what is their vision about the industry in the last years and where it should evolve.

The articles of those non-English speaking associations will be published both in English and in the native language of each association in order to reach many more readers.

Various media linked to IACDS (such as CONCRETE OPENINGS, DER BETON-BOHRER and PDi) are also sharing content created specifically for the yearbook.

In addition, the yearbook reserves a special space for several people who, because of their background and special ties to the association, deserve a place in this 25th anniversary yearbook.

IACDS has also requested the participation of other national associations dedicated to drilling and sawing.