IACDS Yearbook 2019: a special publication for a great year


We can say many things about this year, but we have decided to bring them all together and launch the IACDS Yearbook 2019.

IACDS has been preparing this very special publication to compile the highlights of the year in a unique and exclusive 80-page yearbook.

Among its pages you will discover the most outstanding companies in the sector, the Diamond Awards and the lastest entries, and information about the new products and latest technologies.

The IACDS Yearbook 2019 is also memorable because it has the collaboration of the National Associations that are involved in the international association, with a dedicated editorial and the most relevant news of the sawing and drilling industry from many different countries around the world.

To make the content reach as many people as possible, the texts of National Associations are written both in English and in their mother tongue.

The yearbook also includes interesting contents about the industry and the companies that are involved in it.

Best of all, the yearbook is available free of charge for online consultation, so you can read it where and when you want.