IACDS Training Group is up and running!


The International Association of Concrete Drillers and Sawers, IACSD, has once again become a meeting point for the different National Associations. On this occasion, we breached a critical topic: the global training and certification system.

Thus, the representatives of the industry from all around the globe gathered on October 30th and discussed the current state of affairs, as well as the steps moving forward.

As of now, each country has its own training and certification system. They take into account the needs and regulations: so, the evident challenge is to implement a global scheme that recognizes each one of them. As of now, the main priority is to identify the common ground within the countries, to then elaborate a complimentary system that would work globally.

Training has always been both an issue and an attractive part for the professionals of the industry. Since drilling and sawing require a thorough education, it is important to make it affordable and accessible to those who want to enter the sector.

This initiative proves, once again, the commitment of the IACDS and its members to the betterment of the industry.