DSA launchs its Code of Safe Working Practices


The Drilling and Sawing Association (DSA), that is a member of the International Association of Concrete Drillers and Sawers (IACDS) has launched a publication about the Code of Safe Working Practices.

This Code of Practice is published by the Drilling and Sawing Association on behalf of its members, who are employed as specialist sub-contractors within the construction industry engaged in the drilling, sawing and cutting of concrete and other building materials, and as suppliers of equipment, tools and accessories to firms engaged in this specialist work.

The members of the Drilling and Sawing Association recognize their responsibilities with regard to the promotion of safe working practices and have compiled this Code as a guide to all persons involved in the above activities.

The Code has been issued to member companies and to other organizations concerned with health and safety within the construction industry. Further copies are available on application to the Head Office of the Association.

Although it is hoped that this Code will make a positive contribution towards the improvement of health and safety standards, it is recognized that everyone associated with the Drilling and Sawing industry has a personal responsibility to ensure that its recommendations are followed.

The Association also acknowledges that this Code cannot cover every risk that is likely to occur in the workplace, and therefore encourages individuals to come forward with suggestions for alterations or improvements which could result in additional safeguards.

This Code is based on the understanding of relevant legislation at the time and it is updated periodically. However, where appropriate, users should seek more detailed legal guidance by referring to the reference section for useful information, the HSE website or by seeking competent health and safety advice from a health and safety consultant.

The Association would like to acknowledge the considerable assistance in compiling and updating this Code of Practice provided by other organizations, companies, and individuals. Their help has been invaluable.

Finally, it is emphasized that ACCIDENTS AND INJURIES ARE PREVENTABLE if everybody is health and safety conscious. Accidents are typically the result of HUMAN ERROR or MECHANICAL FAILURE.

We can all take steps to prevent these situations arising and improve health and safety standards in the industry.

Apart from the human suffering caused by accidents, employers are often unaware of the high cost of accidents as a result of lost time, reduced productivity, fines, increased insurance premiums and general disruption to work. It is therefore up to everybody to make a positive contribution towards a healthier and safer working environment.