IACDS Webinar: The UK training model for concrete contractors







Given the current situation, created by the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), from IACDS we are implementing a series of initiatives to continue with the dissemination of the activities and services developed by IACDS members.

In this case, the initiative consists of launching a series of educational webinars on technical topics.

Webinars are short and educational sessions (about one hour) hosted online and broadcast live.

Using a specific platform, webinar participants can watch the presentation and follow the speaker’s explanations, as well as interact through a chat and ask their own questions.



The topics to be discussed during the webinar are the following:

Part 1: Presentation

  • What is IACDS?
  • What is DSA?
  • Why do we do this webinar?

Part 2: Introduction

  • Why is it important for contractors to receive training?
  • What requirements should any training program have?

Part 3: The UK training model for concrete contractors

  • What references and patterns can we find in the history of training?
  • What training models and methods are there?
  • What qualifications and awarding bodies exist?
  • What are the routes to qualifications?
  • What is the recognized card scheme and what is it for?
  • What career path does the training model follow?

Part 4: Questions and comments from participants


Dates and timetable

Thursday March 11th

The webinar has the following timetable (all hours are Brussels time, Central European):

15:00 – Start of the webinar

16:00 – End of the webinar



  • Mr. Joel Vinsant, DSA
  • Ms. Julie White, DSA

Free activity

IACDS  webinars are offered free of charge and open to public participation thanks to the financial support of member companies and entities:


To contact IACDS members, visit the members list.



This webinar has already taken place. It will be published on-line soon.