The government body of IACDS is the General Assembly and the Board of Directors. The daily management of the association is executed by the Secretariat.


General Assembly

The General Assembly is the supreme governing body of the association, in which all the members are represented. The regular meeting is held once a year, usually together with the Annual Convention.


Board of Directors

The Board is the governing body that manages and represents the interests of the association in accordance with the directives of the General Assembly. The Board meets ussually every quarter.

The members of the IACDS Board of Directors are:




On behalf of the association DSA


Past president

Lars Sändstrom (SWEDEN)

On behalf of the association BFB


Vice president

Norikazu Shibuya (JAPAN)

On behalf of the association JCDSA


Vice president

Philippe Wingeier (SWITZERLAND)

On behalf of the association SVBS



Michael Findeis (GERMANY)

On behalf of the association FBS

Board member

Anders Andersson (SWEDEN)

On behalf of the association BFB

Board member

Douglas Walker (UNITED STATES)

On behalf of the association CSDA

Board member

Martin Goedickemeier (SWITZERLAND)

On behalf of SVBS

Board member

Roderich Braun (AUSTRIA)

On behalf of BRAUN


Secretary General

Jose Blanco (SPAIN)



The Secretariat of the association works to provide support to members, following the directives of the Board of Directors, and acts on behalf of the concrete drilling and sawing industry with Public Administrations and other institutions.

The Secretariat manages the regular meetings within the association and also organizes the activities related to the industry.

The team of the Secretariat is provided by the company RABUSO, hired by IACDS to take care of these tasks.